Solutions for Dry Skin

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Dry skin, or medically named as xeroderma, is a common skin problem that make all the people who are suffering from this disease should find out any solutions for dry skin itself. This kind of skin disease mostly occurs on the lower legs, arms, the sides of the abdomen and thighs. The forms of dry skin are various, such as flaky patches, cracked skin, or the more severe cases it’s usually called as eczema.

Some Causes and the Solutions for Dry Skin

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Dry skin is caused by several things which generally become our everyday habit, yet we don’t know if those things can make our skin dry. Here are some wrong habits and also the solutions for dry skin which may appear. First common habit which may damage our skin is long hot showers and bath. The protective oils contained in our skin will exfoliate caused by the combination of hot water and long soaking. Instead of using hot water, we can use warm water in limited time up to 10 minutes. Washing our hands or using hand sanitizers frequently can also make our hands become chapped, cracked, or split. Skip using body lotion is also a wrong habit. The use of body lotion on our skin after having a bath, before going outside or going to bed is quite important for keeping it moisturized.
If some of you use bar soaps, deodorant soaps, or foaming face washes which contain detergents for daily cleansers, it’s better to switch to a moisturizing, oil-based, unscented mild soaps. Another bad habit may cause a dry skin is smoking. This happens because tobacco consists of many harmful chemicals like nicotine and tar. They can block the flow of blood and oxygen that our body need, means that the nutrients can’t reach its destinations. The lack of nutrients can lead to a skin aging. The solutions for dry skin caused by this habit are eating green vegetables like spinach and lettuce, or consuming rich vitamins fruits such as avocado and lemon.

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Furthermore, frequently licking our lips will make them dry as the saliva evaporates. Using lipsticks in a long time could damage our lips as well. Other than lipsticks, we can apply a rich lip ointment or lip butter in a pot, for they are more emollient. Besides, dry skin can also cause by the weather. The solutions for dry skin caused by the weather are wearing protective clothing, gloves, and scarves, and applying some moisturizing lotion on some specific skin areas like hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Home Remedial Solutions for Dry Skin

There are several natural solutions for dry skin which you can easily apply in your home, such as massage your face or another part of your body using almond oil or avocado oil. Next solutions for dry skin to keep your skin face moist and smooth are by blending some avocado with a few drops of fresh lime juice and applying it on the face for several minutes, and clean it using warm water. While for reducing dry skin caused by soaps, you can drop some oat extract or lavender oil to your bathtub, or do milk bath. In addition to the solutions for dry skin, you can make a fine mixture of egg yolk, orange juice, olive oil, rose water, and lime juice.

The easiest home remedies for dry skin are doing regular exercises, eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin A and B, and consume some protein and mineral which can be obtained from food like nuts, salmon or other fishes. These all solutions for dry skin are applicable for those are suffering from dry skin, or for preventive action.

Summary : Solutions for dry skin can be varied, yet the natural and applicable for home remedy are better, for they are easy to do.