Recipe for Dry Skin

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Recipe for dry skin can be applied easily in your home, for this is quite simple and doesn’t need expensive ingredients. Making your own natural recipe for dry skin care will be cheaper than you buy some available cosmetics products, yet the natural recipe can bring more satisfying result based on what your specific skin need. You can make your own skin care in form of facial mask and scrub, lotion, cleanser and toner, and brewed oil for massaging treatment. These several skin care can help nourishing your skin, means that the nutrients, moisture, and antioxidants are well supplied.

In addition, the ingredients for making your own recipe for dry skin are easy to find in your kitchen. They are practically cheap and natural. Whatever the cause of the dryness of your skin, homemade natural skin care can the best treatment for your dry skin, instead of buying any products made of cosmetic manufacturers available in the market.

Homemade Face Mask Recipe for Dry Skin

Recipe for Dry Skin
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Since you can make your own recipe for dry skin, then there will be no reasons to ignore the symptoms may appear to your particular skin; whether it’s the skin face, hands, knee, foot, etc. The most common recipe for dry skin homemade is for face mask and scrub. There are a lot of homemade face mask recipes you can find in beauty magazines, internet, tabloids, or even you can create your own ingredients.

Here are some face mask recipes you can make in your home. The first is honey and oatmeal mask which combines some oats, honey, and milk blended properly. Put the mask on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. This face mask recipe is appropriate for helping your face skin to be soft and nourishing. Another face mask recipe for dry skin is avocado face mask which is made from mashed avocado mixed with a few honey. The mix of avocado and honey will help moisturizing the skin and it’s good to be applied on dry and wrinkled skin. You can also add a little jojoba oil and some extra virgin olive oil or almond oil.

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The fusion of egg and honey or lavender and honey are also great to be applied on dry skin. However, the classic face mask recipe for dry skin is made of the combination of milk, honey, aloe-Vera gel, and some drops of essential oil. If you use this classic recipe regularly, your skin will be smooth and elastic.

Home-brewed Oil Recipe for Dry Skin

For some cases, dry skin is caused by the lack of natural oils and moisture and it happens mostly to women under the age of 35 years. It happens because the women on that range of age may have a poor diet which usually leads them to the deficiency of vitamins. The effective way to replace the oils in their skin is making such a home-brewed oil recipe to then be applied to the dry skin by rubbing it to the whole body or some specific area of the skin. Body oils are known as a better skin care than creams or lotions, for it can be absorbed better into the pores. Some examples of home-brewed oils which can heal your dry skin are tea brewed oil, brewed sandalwood oil, aloe-Vera oil, and raised oil, coconut and olive oil. Those brewed oils recipe for dry skin is reach of vitamins and safe to be applied on your skin since they are from natural sources.


Summary: Recipe for dry skin can be applied easily in your home, for this is quite simple and doesn’t need expensive ingredients.