Oily Hair Treatment from Natural Ingredients

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Oily hair treatment can be found easily in drug store or supermarket. Some people even make their own treatment from herbal ingredients. The treatment for oily hair is basically similar to treat oily skin. The difference is that oily hair shampoo will try to remove excess oil from the scalp and to also exfoliate skin cells which are suffocate and clog up our scalp’s hair follicles. Usually infection happens when the hair follicles are blocked. This will lead to scalp disorders and hair loss.

Oily Hair Treatment Pros

In oily hair treatment we have to toning and cleansing our scalp on regular basis. The cleansing will require rinsing and washing our hair because our hair has to be washed in regular basis moreover if our hair is oily and dirty. Natural shampoo in herbs formulation like best shampoo oily hair Amla, Trifala, Shikakai and other herbal shampoos will be perfect. We have to use shampoo for oily hair which able to dissolve the grime and give gentle action to cleanse our hair at the same time.

Unlike detergent shampoo, herbal shampoo for oily hair treatment ingredients will be softer in our scalp. Massage our scalp and hair is needed to clean our scalp and for our hair growth. Massaging the scalp with oil is recommended for dry hair but not for oily hair. For oily hair, massaging our scalp with toning lotion will be good. We only need two minutes of stroking, combing and brushing for massaging our scalp.

Oily Hair Treatment Cons

Many people are mistaken in handling the oily hair treatment. Many people are putting conditioner in their scalp in order to soften the hair, but in fact when they are putting conditioner in their scalp it will worsen their oily hair condition and the conditioner which is left in the scalp will become dandruff. Oily hair has not been handled yet, another problem is rising. People should only put conditioner in the hair stem and not in the scalp.

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Many people also said that the oily hair treatment is expensive, especially if we want to have significant result or fast result. Some of the treatments are require specialty shampoo from doctor or from expensive brand. Well, this is true because if we have a really bad oily hair condition, it will not look good and need professional and more serious treatment and we have to spend more money on those treatments.

At home we can try to have home remedies to deal with oily hair condition such as combining Shikakai powder from supermarket with fenugreek seeds and green grams. Two portions of Shikakai powder combine it with half portion of fenugreek powder and one portion of green gran flour and then keep it. When we need the mixture we can mix it with the white part of an egg and the use the mixture as shampoo. It will not lather like regular shampoo but it will cleanse our hair. That is one of the herbal or natural treatments for oily hair and perfect for oily hair treatment.

SUMMARY: Oily hair treatment can be made from natural ingredients we can found at home or buy it from the supermarket. Make the mixture and apply it to our hair as shampoo.