Oily Face Medication We Can Do at Home

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Oily face medication is similar with oily hair treatment because the purpose of the medication or treatment itself is to remove the excess oil from our skin without making it dry. There are many chemical oily acne medication for oily skin in drug stores or supermarket. Some of them are working but many of them are not working because of the low price. So here are some ways to reduce oily skin which are effective but with low price.

Oily Face Medication Pros

There are some natural ways for oily face medication without chemical medication. Not everybody can use chemical medications, so why not we try the natural oily skin medication? First in reducing the oily skin condition, we have to reduce our stress level. People with oily skin condition sometimes have another problem, which is acne. Sometimes it will appear in our skin because we are stressed. We can write down things which make us stress and then figure out how to solve it.

Another oily face medication we can do at home is use the acne medication which is suitable for our skin. We might have to ask dermatologist for this one because people have different skin and it means they need to have different acne medication also. Reducing stress is the way to reduce oiliness from the inside and using the suitable acne medication is the medicine from the outside. We have to reduce the oil not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Oily Face Medication Cons

For a really bad oily skin condition, the oily face medication cost can be high because we need to consult with dermatologist and we have to buy the medications which require a lot of money. Many people with oily skin condition will not be so happy about this. Thing that they can do is only using cheap medications which are not necessarily suitable for their skin condition and will not reduce their oily skin condition.

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Some people also misunderstood when there is a recommendation to wash their face regularly as oily face medication. They think the more they wash their face the oil level will be reduced. In fact, when they are excessively washing their face, their skin will lose its humidity and will produce more oil. Our recommendation is wash our face sufficiently. We do not have to wash them too much nor too few. If we rarely wash our face, the dirt which combines with the oil in our face will create acne.

Wash our face twice a day in the morning and at night before we sleep so we have clean face when we sleep and we cleanse our face in the morning when the oil is produced at night. We have to eat healthy foods too if we want to have healthy skin. We have to avoid junk food and unhealthy meals in our diet plan. Make sure we eat many vegetables and fruits and also water. We can do all of those steps at home. Those are the natural and chemical suggestions for oily face medication.

SUMMARY: Oily face medication can be from chemical acne medication or natural ingredients. We have to control our meal plan also. Avoid junk and unhealthy meal from our diet.