Oily Face Cream Types

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Oily face cream selection can be challenging since we have to know the type of our face and then selecting the proper and suitable cream is not that easy. Choosing oil face cream can be more difficult for those who have skin problem like acne. Well, first we have to know what our skin type is and then if we are still unsure about that we have to consult with dermatologist to determine our skin type in order to buy the proper face cream.

Oily Face Cream Pros

There are so many types of oily face cream we can choose in the market, the most important thing is to choose face cream oily skin with water base ingredient and not oil base. Cold cream is one of the types. It is the alternative for soaps and the other facial cleansers and mostly used to cleanse our face and remove heavy makeup. Cold cream is usually a heavy cream type but we can rinse it after we use it.

In the market there are various types of cold cream for oily face cream. There is a rich op to the very light cold cream with wide range of price too. If we want to replace our cold cream for our makeup remover or facial cleanser, choose the one which will moisturizer our skin lightly. This way our skin will stay moisturized but not over moisturized. It will keep the oil needed for our skin but not make our skin oily.

Oily Face Cream Cons

Many people are mistaken when they have to choose oily face cream. Most of them are choosing the ones which are not suitable for their skin. They think every cream is suitable for every skin type. In fact, every skin type has its own face cream. For dry skin it will be better to have face cream with oil base to moisturize their dry skin condition, while the oily skin type needs face cream with water base so it will be light for their skin but still moisturize their skin.

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People tend to buy cheap oily face cream because they do not want to spend their money on expensive cream and hope that the cheap face cream will be able to solve their skin problem and moisturize their skin. Actually, it does not matter how expensive the price of our face cream, as long as we understand that the cream is suitable for our skin type, it is okay. High price does not guarantee the quality of the cream.

Cold cream can be used by those who have combination skin condition because it can get rid of the dirt and oil in our t zone but it will also hydrate our cheeks and chin which are possible to get dry with the other cleansers. The key to get the right face cream is to know first our skin type and then consult with dermatologist will be better also so we can know what kind of ingredients suitable for our oily face cream.

SUMMARY: Oily face cream selection can be very tricky because we have to know first our skin type and consult with dermatologist to choose the right face cream.