Facial Causes of Dry Skin for Some People

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Facial causes of dry skin can be dangerous for some people. Dry skin is a condition where the skin loses its moisture so it looks broken. Dry skin often occurs, especially in middle age on. Regardless of skin color, every woman desires to have healthy skin. There are seven factors that cause dry skin, such as: weather, nutritional deficiencies, age, genetics, UV rays, soap and water. Healthy skin structure basically looks like a neat arrangement of brick and cement, where the epidermis layer of skin is brick, and cement as a lipid.

The Main Factor of Facial Causes of Dry Skin

The factors that play Facial causes of dry skin in the occurrence of dry skin are:

  • Heredity, Sometimes severe dry skin is the result of hereditary diseases, such as iktiosis or hyperkeratosis.
  • Factors metabolism.
  • Aging, The addition of age leads to reduced lubrication of the skin.
  • The cold weather with low humidity levels, Air-conditioning, heating or sitting near a fireplace or heater fan
  • Too frequent bathing or swimming especially if the water contains too much chlorine.
  • Contact with soaps, detergents or solvents
  • Friction which causes irritation or chapped skin.

Facial Causes of Dry Skin Symptoms

Facial causes of dry skin can become irritated and often cause itching, peeling skin sometimes in small pieces and small scales. Formation of scales is most common in the lower limbs. Patient’s iktiosis scaly skin is happened without blisters. Patients with hyperkeratosis have blisters thick and smelly, with scaly warts and painful. Those are facial effects of dry skin.

Facial causes of dry skin can cause infection and scarring. Dry skin can cause dermatitis, in which the skin becomes red and itchy. Diagnosis based on symptoms and physical examination. To treat dry skin key is to maintain skin moisture. Do not be too frequent bathing or swimming; use warm water lukewarm. More rarely shower allows protective oils remain in the skin. Ointment or cream such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline), mineral oil or moisturizer without fragrance, can also retain water in the skin. Harsh soaps, detergents and perfumes in some moisturizers can irritate the skin and dry skin. Those are Facial symptoms of dry skin.

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To get rid of scales on Facial causes of dry skin, you can use the solution or gel containing salicylic acid. After application of the drug, in adult skin can be done by wrapping a bandage made of plastic or cellophane film, but the kids do not do things like this. To iktiosis weight, can be used a cream containing vitamin A (tretinoin). A mixture of vitamin A can help shed the scales on the skin. Etretinat a drug related to vitamin A and is used in some form iktiosis. Antibiotics and some strong disinfectant soap can be used on hyperkeratosis.

Subtract decrease in skin moisture by changing bathing habits; shorter baths and use warm water. Reduce the use of soap, limit its use in the face, underarms and genitals; dry the skin gently. Prevention on Facial causes of dry skin can be done by applying a skin moisturizer on a regular basis throughout the body.

Summary: Facial causes of dry skin for some people. Dry skin is a condition where the skin loses its moisture so it looks broken.