Face Moisturizer for Men with Oily Skin

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A Simple Guide for Better Product for Men’s Oily Skin. Face moisturizer for men with oily skin can be said as one of important product for every man. Nowadays, you can find many different products for moisturizing your face skin. You just need to choose the best and the one that fit with your need. Now, the question is why would I need this product?

The Importance of Face Moisturizer for Men

Face Moisturizer for Men with Oily Skin

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The oily skin is the condition that prone to many different skin problems. The oily skin can easily collected lot of dirt. And, this condition will block your skin pores. If that happen, your skin won’t be able to keep its moisture and can’t excrete the sweat. In the end, it will become the great place where bacteria can live, which can cause acne and many other skin problems. On the other hand, compared to woman, men have 20 to 30 percent thicker skin. And, because of this condition, men’s skin will produce more oil than woman. Of course, with more oil, the skin problem will be more often to happen. This is where you need face moisturizer more than woman need.

Type of Face Moisturizer for men

If you are looking for Face moisturizer for men with oily skin, you will find two types of products you can choose. There is Occlusives and Humectants product.

  • Occlusives

Actually, this is the type of face moisturizer that you that have oily skin must avoid. This type of face moisturizer is oily based moisturizer. That means this product will trap the natural moisture of your skin. You won’t be able to remove lot of oil with this type of moisturizer.

  • Humectants

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This type works the opposite of Occlusives type. Humectants face moisturizer will collect or attract moisture from the air and put it into your skin. This is great choice for you who have oily skin.  So, if you have to choose the product, choose this type for better result.

Other Important Things

When you buy face moisturizer, you also need to look at the SPF level of that product. Choose product with at least SPF 15 for better sun protection. Or, if you spend most of your day outdoor, you can choose the SPF30 for better protection. Other than that, you also need to choose product that can give you full-spectrum protection, which means it can protect you from UVA and UVB rays. And, that’s how you can choose best Face moisturizer for men with oily skin.