Dry Skin on My Face Treatment and Tips

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Dry skin on my face is a condition when the skin loses its moisture so it looks cracked and dull. The cause could be genetic factors, in which people are born with dry skin on my face get rid that is less humidity. Of external factors such as air pollution, air-conditioned room, sitting near the fireplace or heater fan, too often swim, contact with detergent or solvent so that the friction that causes skin irritation or rupture.

Dry Skin on My Face Treatment

Dry Skin on My Face

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Dry skin on my face is actually the core of the body or skin occurs because lack of fluid intake. This is due to improper lifestyle and the reluctance to consume water during or after the move. The water is well water (nodes) that have been cooked. But avoid soft drinks, although translucent color because the content of the soda makes the skin dehydrated. In addition to enlarged waist.

Appropriate treatment for Dry skin on my face is cleaned with a gentle cleanser once a day that is before bedtime. In the morning just wash your face with warm water and apply moisturizer. Make the process of dry skin on my face remedy peeling or sloughing off dead skin cells once a week. It can choose the granulated scrubs small, smooth, and soft. Avoid salt scrub which consists of or beans as a rough inclined surface so as to tear the skin and can cause loss of skin moisture.

Do not clean Dry skin on my face with hot water or steaming the face for causing skin becomes drier. Clean with cleansing milk and do not use toners that contain alcohol. Do not forget, to be diligent and take vitamin E supplements containing fatty acids such as cod and avocado extract. Avoid scrubs either in the form of equipment or grain scrub. Rubbing or scrubbing can irritate the skin. Even irritation from cleaning the face using a sponge or washcloth can cause irritation. The best way is to use clean hands and damp. When you use a facial cleanser, use a little on your palms, and then rub on the face that has been soaked in water. Slowly massage your face with fingertips, do the twist.

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Dry Skin on My Face Tips

Here’s how to keep your skin is dry in order to remain vibrant. Do not forget to wash your face. It may sound cliché. However, in practice, there still are many who forget to do this. No matter how tired, always try to clean your face before bed. Perform cleaning with a gentle cleanser. Makeup, sunscreen, bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and oil accumulate on your face all day. They can increasingly get into the pores and cause inflammation. If you rub the face with a pillow while in a dirty, it will be more dirt into the pores. Most facial soaps contain harsh detergents and can remove the skin’s natural moisturizer. This will cause dryness, irritation, and inflammation. Soap-free cleanser will work like soap, but made of a softer material and did not reduce the oil on Dry skin on my face.

Summary: Dry skin on my face is a condition when the skin loses its moisture so it looks cracked and dull. The cause could be genetic factors.