Chanel powder for oily skin

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Know More about One of Artwork of Chanel. Chanel powder for oily skin is one of what you need to create best result from your make up. Now, among many products from Chanel, there is one product that you may want to try. It’s called Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet. However, you need to know few things about this product before you get it as your main product for makeup.

Good Things about Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Chanel powder for oily skin


The good thing about this product is the feeling when you wear it. You won’t feel like when you wear something thick. So, it feels natural. You may think that this product will only give you thin base. However, that’s not important here. Even though you can feel it much thinner than other product, it can last for very long time. More than that, it gives you good foundation for your makeup. This is also the reason why this product is suitable for oily skin. If you use the thicker powder, there is big chance that it will clogged your skin pores. With high oil production, your skin will get more problem if this happen.

More than that, the result that it produces is also different than other product. It doesn’t give you flat matte finish. But, when you wear this product, you will get radiant matte finish, which is much better and more beautiful. This Chanel powder for oily skin also has SPF. That means you don’t need to worry, if you go to outdoor. Your skin will be protected from dangerous ray of sunlight.

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The Flaw

Although we consider Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet as one of best product, there are some flaws we found on this product. First is the price. It is quite expensive. You can get it at around $58, which more expensive than most of translucent powder product.

The other flaw maybe is the color choice. It’s limited. But, if you can be more creative, you will find the right combination for your skin. And of course, like we said earlier, this product is perfect choice for oily skin. So, if you have dry skin, you will get bad result from using this product. Unless, you used moisturizer first before you use it, then you won’t have any problem.

Basically, this product is good product. The flaw that we find isn’t too serious. If it’s too pricey, you can see it as the price for its quality. You must understand that the price doesn’t really matter, once you use this Chanel powder for oily skin.