Acne Treatment for Black Skin People

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Acne treatment for black skin needs special treatment because different skin types will require different treatment. As we all know, acne is the most general skin disorder in everybody including black adults and adolescents. It is became the most general reason to visit or consult with dermatologist. Acne scars black skin is the most common problem in dermatology for Africans and other people with African descent across the world. But unfortunately there are still few studies which are discussing about acnes in Africans skins.

Acne Treatment for Black Skin Pros

Black skin people usually have inflammatory acne which is better than fair skin people. The acne treatment for black skin will be easier to be treated than on fair skin people. Black people are very unique because they also tend to have fewer cysts and nodules which are the rarest types of the acne lesions. But black people tend to have higher or clearer keloid especially on the back and chest. The easy acne treatment for black skin because the type of acne they have is inflammatory.

There are chemical and herbal medications for acne treatment for black skin. We can obtain the herbal treatment from many sources such as internet or magazines. Internet might be more convenient for us since we can read the information any time we can and want. Chemical treatment has to be done after we consult with dermatologist because chemical medicine can only be obtained with doctor’s prescription. If we follow the doctor’s prescription well, then acne is no longer a problem for our skin.

Acne Treatment for Black Skin Cons

Since black people have unique skin types, acne treatment for black skin require special treatment too. The need to go to the dermatologist to have the right prescription makes many black people reluctant to cure their acne. The price for consultation itself might be expensive. Buying the medication will require more cost and that is what people avoid in treating their acne. Middle class economy black people cannot afford those medications.

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The result of that is the acne treatment for black skin is not affordable and they will let their acne and it makes them uncomfortable. Black people also tend to have more incidences for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is a term for marks which are left after their acne goes away. This considered as big issue for most dermatologist because the marks are usually worse than the acne they had. They will need special treatment for these marks.

The inflammatory acne which develops are easier to be cured. There might be special treatment like Accutane needed to cure the inflammatory acne in black people. Benzoyl peroxide also effective to cure the inflammatory acne because it is a mild peeling and drying agent. Black skin people generally have less scaling and flakiness on their skin and they can tolerate this ingredient well. The most important thing is prevention. We have to prevent acne in pure dark spots which are often forgotten and prevent the scarring. We have to spend some time to clear up our acne and get it under control. Make sure we know the ingredients for acne treatment for black skin.

SUMMARY: Acne treatment for black skin are usually easier to be handled but the problem mostly come after the acne is gone, which is the marks. Consult with dermatologist will be best for us.