Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Never

  • Wake up without hitting the snooze button at least twice
  • Sleep with socks on
  • Use 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Drive behind a logging truck
  • Get on an airplane without patting the outside it three times (by the door when you walk on)
  • Have run out of gas
  • Eat lobster
  • Watch TV without doing something else
  • Know when to use who or whom
  • Drive in the outside lane when I'm on a bridge
  • Have watched an episode of The Simpsons
  • Can keep my purse free from junk
  • Go anywhere without my camera
  • Have or plan on removing the innards of a chicken or turkey
  • Go to sleep without kissing Spencer goodnight

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Teresa Choplin @ tchoplin2009(at)gmail(dot)com said...

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

Great post. As for the bed socks, i wear them often!!

Two in one shampoo a definite no, no. And I generally watch television while doing something else, too.

CJ xx

Karrie said...

I liked it! Good post!

jenn said...

Love this post. I can't wear socks to bed either. And I agree with almost all of the other things too.

King J's Queen said...

I never drive behind logging trucks, either. Creeps me out.

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