Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas on Wendhurst

We went to see some Christmas lights last night with Spencer's Mimi and Great-Gram (The PGP and the PGGP).  Spencer and I go out every night and look at different houses with lights on the Tacky Tour, but we'd been saving a few for when the PGPs came up for a visit.  I had just seen a special on TLC about a certain house in Richmond and I HAD to go and see it- so off we went.  And let me tell you... it did NOT disappoint. My pictures don't do it justice because I couldn't get everything in one panoramic shot, so it's all a little disjointed.  But every single one of the pictures that follows comes from the same house. Yep, just one house and over 120,000 lights.  They even have there own website, check it out to see it in it's full glory.

I know houses on the Tacky Tour are supposed to be "tacky," but I think this one is beautiful!
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