Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bullaise Ballet

Spencer is now taking ballet, which she calls bullaise, and tap dancing lessons and she LOVES it. I have to hide her tap shoes when we get home because she wants to tap dance around the house all the time. The class is only once a week, but I wish they had it more often, because Spencer wants to go there every single day. Last night she obliged me for a few minutes and let me take a few pictures of her in her leotard.

And then she got annoyed with me.

  Story. Of. My. Life.

  I guess that's what life with a strong willed three year old is like, ha!

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sara said...

Oh she is so cute in her bullaise outfit!

kbreints said...

Oh my goodness!! I cannot believe how big she is getting! ...and YES three year old are VERY strong willed!

Moo's Mamma said...

My little one is in Bullaise too... she loves it... I can see that will in her eyes.... not unlike FP... : ) Did I mention she is beautiful... : )

John & Michelle said...

Spencer is nothing short of STUNNING!!!! you should call Revlon now and be ahead of the game!

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