Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hair Blind

I think someone is in need of a serious hair cut.  Ahem, Miss. Spencer, that would be you.  Which I guess should actually read, Katie- either cut her bangs yourself or get over to beauty parlor, pronto!

The thing about Spencer's hair is that it's really super fine, which means it's like fly-away central. And each time we go and get her cut, it looks disheveled within a week because it doesn't stay put in one place.  Hair from the back of her head goes forward and gets mixed in with her bangs and vice versa.  It's a never winning battle I tell ya!  So I have visions of growing out her bangs and putting an end to this hair drama, but then it starts to look like this.

And then you, or I, get the stares from strangers, like That poor child, her mother doesn't care enough about her daughter to even get her a hair cut.  I've tried putting in clips and keeping her bangs out of her face that way until they grow out all the way, but they only last about an hour before she's pulling them out and doing her own version of "pretty" hair with them.  (And it's not pretty!)  Plus, Spencer has a really small forehead and they hair people never want to cut her bangs about the eyebrow because then she'll only have like an inch and half of hair, haha.  Oh, my poor baby girl- the rituals of beauty grooming start so early don't they?

So what should I do?  Is she too young to have her bangs grown out?  Should I just keep cutting them cut until she's older and won't resist hair clips and barrettes? Or should I stick with this path- since they're already 1/10 of the way grown out? (haha)  But here's the one thing to consider- my mom made me have bangs when I was young and when I was finally old enough to say I didn't want them, I'd give up about 1/2 way through the growing out process because I just couldn't take it anymore.  I always wished she'd just have let them get long when I was much younger and blissfully unaware of the rotten state of my hair. My bangs didn't cease their existence until I was in the 7th grade! So I'm afraid that my past experience is clouding my judgment :) Okay, so give me your thoughts please.

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Pam, mom, honey, said...

we have never done bangs because i am scared of them. i have 3 girls and no one has bangs. my oldest does have layers around her face that helps but your right it is hard to keep them in hair bows

Kari @ p.s. said...

I personally like bangs on little girls and Spencer is gorgeous with hers! Bella has fine hair and without bangs she always looks like a messy tessy. I prefer bangs on my daughter.

renee said...

I cut bangs on both my girls when they were little and they told me they hated them! I say grow Spencer's bangs out...but either way Spencer is a beautiful little girl...I cannot get over her dark hair and blue eyes...something I always wanted on my great grandfather had black hair/blue eyes but no such luck!
Anyway, you're almost there...just a little longer and her bangs will swoosh to the side...will she wear a headband? My granddaughter don't have bangs and they love headbands! Good luck! :)

King J's Queen said...

My munchkin has baby fine hair, even now at 8 years old. Her bangs and haircuts have always been a bit of a challenge. She wants to grow them out, and has for several years, but cannot keep them out of her face. She, too, has had a habit of creative hairstyling...okay at home, not so much out in public. By the time they get near the end of her nose, she can't stand it anymore and asks for them to be cut.

PS - I suspect you and I went to the same HS.

erin said...

When my girls were little they both had bangs. My oldest wore bangs until she was in the 2nd grade.

My younger daughter grew her bangs out in Kindergarten. Once girls get into school and see that other girls and there friends don't have bangs they will always ask if they can grow them out.

I suggest to grow them out now since Spencer already needs a haircut, she is getting a headstart. Buy some cute clips and just keep it out of her face. Her bangs will be grown out before you know it.

By the way thank you for the comment on my blog about the baby blues. I really appreciate it, and it helped me get through my day.

Tris-star said...

Don't cut them! Let them grow out, that's what I'm trying to do with my 3 year old. Mine doesn't mind clips, though. I also get those tight little elastic bands and put a really high half ponytail on her. It looks a little silly but she doesn't care and it keeps the bangs out of her face all day.

Kate in Austin said...

I think grow them now. You'll be happy you did. You could even cut a little of the length off, so the catch-up is faster.

kbreints said...

Oh those pictures are DARLING. I have to say I don't envy the hair drama... With the boys it is buzz-ola and I am done! I recenlty even bought clippers to do it myself... no sense in paying $10 a pop for them to do it!

Have a fabulous time at the concert! You so deserve it!

Jennette said...

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KK said...

I like her bangs. But then she'd be cute with any cut.

Simply Stacie said...

Following you from the Friday Follow!

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