Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Update

October has always been my favorite month, it's my birthday month! As I get older though, getting another year older doesn't sound as wonderful as it used to sound. The big day is Thursday and I'll be 28.


It sends shivers down my spine to say that. I have class that day and my brother has a volleyball game, so I don't think there will be any celebrating until the weekend. But I have my marathon class on Saturday, so who knows when I'll get to blow out my 28 candles.

This weekend we celebrated my brother's birthday, he turned 18 last week. He never grows tired of reminding me that I'm OLD. No matter how old he gets, I'll always be SO much older. We went to my aunt's house for dinner and spent today with her. We stayed at my parent's house this weekend, I was just still really tired and I wanted a break from being the grown up for awhile. It's nice to have a day off sometimes. Now we're back home and it's a little lonely after being around the constant buzz of a full house.

Tomorrow I need to do some laundry and house week. After a week of being sick, not much got done around here. I also need to start working on making my 28 Things to in My 28th Year list. A few things that I didn't get done last year will carry over, but does anyone have some good ideas about why I should add to my list? I'm amenable to any suggestions, except jumping out of an airplane! Sorry this was like the most boring post ever!

P.S. What were Balloon Boy's parents thinking? I'm so annoyed that I wasted all those hours watching CNN hoping he was safe. I mean, I'm definitely glad he's okay, but I'm angry that it was all a hoax planned by his father. Ugh! What is wrong with some people?

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Hayley said...

That whole Balloon Boy hoax pisses me off even more than that kidnapped bride hoax a few years back. From Georgia, I think? Anyway, that was crap.

I can't even think of any goals for you. I'm all consumed by my own goal- trying to stay sane.

Glad you're better!

KK said...

My sick side smiles at all the therapy bills the parents will have to pay for that poor kid!

chillynd said...

long class on saturday? does that mean no Williamsurg for Homecoming?

Melissa's Thoughts said...

So glad you are feeling better. My birthday is November 3 and my sister's is Nov 21. She is four years younger than me. We celebrate our birthdays all month long. :)

kbreints said...

Yeah-- next year will be the first anniversary of my 29th year -- birthday :)

October is a great month... I agree... glad that everyone id you house is feeling better!

... and Balloon boys father is a complete idiot..

Annie said...

the balloon boy thing just annoys the heck out of me. his parents wanted publicity and they got it, i heard charges were being filed.

glad to hear you are feeling better! :)

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