Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 6 Auditions

This week on SYTYCD the auditions are in Boston and the guest judge is Tyce Diorio. My favorite thing about him judging is that Cat gets to say his name a lot and I love how she says his name, it cracks me up!

Teddy Tedholm - If It Kills Me, by Jason Mraz - He's a lot of fun, very unique. I can't tell if he's an excellent dancer or anything, it looked a little spastic to me. But the audience gives him a standing ovation and Nigel says it was beautiful to look at for his subtleties and that a lot of people will vote vote for him. Mary thought it was crazy/brilliant and clever. I do think he will probably do well on the competition, because he has a lot of personality. He gets a ticket straight to Vegas.

Jean Lloret - He is an insanely amazing b-boy dancer, I mean fan-freakin-tastic! I've never seen moves like that before from anyone! I rewound it three times because I just couldn't believe some of the moves he was doing, like one armed handstand push-ups, while spinning around in a contorted position. As soon as a video goes up on YouTube I'll put it up. All three judges stand up and wave tickets, they don't even do a critique.

Channing Cooke - A Beautiful Mess, by Jason Mraz - A lovely contemporary dancer, I think she'll benefit from having her routines choreographed for her. She's very athletic and strong, she showed the audience her very defined bicep muscle and in the preview she was doing gymnastics on the beach. They send her to the choreograph round and then on to Vegas.

Ryan Casey - Fantastic Voyage, by Coolio - Another tap dancer! I can't believe how many great tap dancers there are this year. He's a bit awkward and very tall, but his tapping skills were great and I had fun watching him dance. He gets sent to choreography. He doesn't get to Vegas this year, but he had a great attitude and said he's only 18 and he'll work harder and be back next year.

Russell Ferguson- He is a krumper and no dancer who's been a krumper has made it to Vegas. I'm not sure that I get the genre, but he seemed very talented. Nigel said "In the words of Lil' C, that was buck!" They want to make sure that he's trained in other styles so they send him to choreography. He's obviously a very trained, very talented dancer, and he's going to Vegas!

Fabrizio "Breeze" Jenkins - I don't know what his style is, I think it's a popping/locking and something else type fusion. He was interesting, he fell over in the middle of the dance, but he recovered well. I don't think he will be making it to Vegas, but Nigel wants to see him in choreography. I'm surprised. Nigel also makes some reference to Mary's ancestors being from Salem - implying that she's a witch I guess. Breeze has some trouble in the choreography round and he leaves before dancing for the judges again.

Karen and Matthew Hauer - Ballroom Dancers - They were very good, I guess I'm going to end up comparing all salsa-esque dancers to Jeanette, and that's not fair. But I liked them, I especially thought it was great that they're the first husband and wife to ever make it Vegas. The judges loved them and thought they looked like movie stars. Off to Sin City.

Gene Bersten - Boom Boom Pow, by the BEP - He seems to be ballroom/jazzy, but the doesn't have a partner. His routine his a lot of fun, he gives Mary some lasciviously glances, and then unbuttons his shirt for her! Mary doesn't like how much he moves his eyebrows and every agrees. It did look a little ball room dance competition-esque. They send him to choreography and then to Vegas.

Paul Magliato - Viva La Vida, by Coldplay - I said I'd write about the really bad ones, and this was really bad. He wore blue spandex pants and shirt that wasn't quite long enough. The routine was akin to an ice skating routine and he's 46 years old - which he said wouldn't stop him. I hate to write mean things about people, especially when it seems like their heart is broken by the harsh words of the judges. I don't know if he really thinks he can dance or if he was playing it up for the camera- either way, I felt badly for him. They are not sending him to Vegas.

Montage of bad dancers with Tyce giving particularly harsh comments and they call him Dr. Evil. My favorite was "watching you dance is like watching paint dry."

Kevin "K'Bez" Hunte - Boom Boom Pow, by the BEP - He's a hip hop dancer and I really liked him. He auditioned a few seasons ago and since then he's been working in contemporary. I felt like the judges were a bit harsh, especially Tyce. They send him to choreography but they were so mean to him, I don't know how he'll be able to perform! But he does and he's going to Vegas.

That's it folks, next week the auditions continue in Atlanta!

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Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Are you a dancer or do you just love the show?! I used to dance in high school but I didn't take it seriously but my BFF Brian is a prof. dancer/choreographer that seriously needs to audition for that show! :^)

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Oh no, you and I are totally on the same page! My hubby is funny b/c its one of his fav. shows and he'll look at me and be like, "Was that good?" LOL. I commend dancers b/c it takes sooooo much dedication!

kbreints said...

This is not one of my shows-- but I am still around... reading :)

I am not sure if I will be blogging over my vaca-- if I can find a computer I will :)

Hayley said...

I love that you do these- it helps me decide if I want to make it a priority to watch it on my DVR. Only the auditions, mind you- I watch ALL of the competition, when I get around to it.

Your comment about the fan-freakin-tastic b-boy has now made it a priority. Thank you, dear.

KK said...

I'll admit it...I fell asleep. What would I do without your updates? I can't wait for the competitions to start, I struggle to watch the audition parts!

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