Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virginia is For Lovers

We're back! It was a LONG car ride, L-O-N-G. We left this morning at about 9am and we pulled in the driveway at 6pm. Right after we left we stopped at McDonalds to get some breakfast. We walked in the door, Spencer was in my arms, and she threw up ALL over me. Curdled strawberry yogurt- everywhere. We cleaned up as best we could, but I smelled like sour yogurt for almost 9 hours in the car.
I have a gazillion more pictures from our trip, but these are some my favorite ones. We're both pretty exhausted and a little sad to not be with the GPGPs. It's so nice to be surrounded with family, so tonight is a little lonely. But this upcoming is the first week of my classes! (My first one is Thursday) I'm super excited and ready to get back into school mode. And of course I can't wait to go school supply shopping- there's not much that beats buying new pens, notebooks, highlighters, and other "must haves!"

That's Leah, Gran's 8 week old puppy. She was trying to pull over Spencer's shorts.

Spence in her mini-chair. It makes her look like a giant!

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Micha said...

Ohmygosh that picture is SOOOO CUTE!! The one with the puppy tuggin' on her britches of course. I'd seriously print and frame that one.

And CONGRATS on starting school! You will be amazing and totally kick everyone's trash.

Meg said...

She does look like a giant in that chair! That pick with her and the puppy is adorable. :) Big yucko for the curdled smelling vomit for a nine hour car ride, gross! Good luck in your first class on Thursday, mine is tomorrow!

chillynd said...

are you going back to law school? your pics are really fab. do you photoshop them? the colors are really vibrant. and Lilly POOPED ALL OVER and THROUGH her CLOTHES when we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast when we were driving home from Canada - so i feel you with the pukey story.

Annie said...

spence looks gorgeous in the first picture, she is such a pretty girl! i love those eyelashes of hers ;)

the puppy pic, it's priceless!

she does look like a big girl in the last picture! love it!!

Annie said...

oh and good luck at school this coming thursday night!
i used to love school supply shopping!! ;)

Our Little Family said...

Glad you're back (and that is ONE LONG CAR RIDE; though you probably already recognized that, huh? Ha). Love the puppy pic! It almost (but not really enough) makes me want to get a puppy.

I was going to email you, but don't have your addy so I'll respond here. :) The doctor says that Maddie has a cold (duh; I thought it MIGHT be a sinus infection) and that she's two. I'm FAR more afraid of the age than the cold. Lol. Her demeanor has just changed so much lately and I'm going a little nuts. Well, a LOT nuts.

Anyway, this is getting long. It's 6:56pm and that means bedtime is 4 minutes away. Lol. That's what she gets for skipping a nap. :)

Oh wait... Yay for school supply shopping!!! It's my FAVE!

Kelly said...

Glad you made it home safe. Sorry about the strawberry yogurt! Reminds me of my sister when she was little... poor thing couldn't go more than an hour in the car without getting sick. Good luck with the new semester. You'll do great!

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