Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scenes from a North Carolina Mountain

Behind this face of an angel...

Is a girl who publicly, and proudly, revels in the ladylike joy of booger excavation.

Gran and Spencer.

Since we've been here, Spencer's decided that she is the Queen Bee- it's her way or the highway! Which of course has led to a few meltdowns (by me) and many temper tantrums (by her) and some cute pictures of sassiness.

If you look real close, there's a bee pollinating the flowers.

Some of the beautiful and delicious raspberries the GPGPs have growing in one of their four (4) gardens. Stay tuned for the mouth watering jam recipe!

Just one of the many trees that will yield the freshest fruit. This afternoon, when Spencer takes her nap, I will be working on my peach jam- which means I have to go and pick the peaches first- gasp. But there's something about it that I like, I feel like a pioneer gal!

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Hayley said...

She is so pretty- even with her finger knuckle deep in her little nose!

mrosev14 said...

Got to love the temper tantrums! I really think they are funny and I am sure it doesn't help the little toddler when you are standing there laughing at them!

I hope you have fun with your booger eater. :)

Maisy said...

you are quite the photographer. great pix.
she is still cute as a button. she's lucky to have such a sweet mommy who loves her even through temper tantrums.

Kelly said...

Oh, does her extreme cuteness just kill you?! (with tantrums and all!). Great photos! Looks like such a beautiful place.

Mrs. Walk said...

Great photos! Which part of NC are you in? My grandparents are in Columbus/Tryon area now, and my cousins are in Hendersonville, but I grew up going to my grandparents' place in rural Rutherfordton, and to Lake Lure. My aunt and uncle's cabin is about an hour north of Asheville; the nearest town is Hot Springs.

confused homemaker said...

those pictures are beautiful & she is beautiful (even with the boogs). temper tantrums not so much, but thankfully it gets better (I think?)

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