Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I'm still feeling like poo today, but on the positive side, Spencer made a little progress in the potty training department. Well, that might be a bit of exaggeration!

I had just finished putting her clothes on this morning, when she looked at me and patted her "Ya-Ya" (what we call her lady parts (like Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood)) and said "Pee Pee!"

I looked at her and said "Did you go Pee Pee in your Diaper?" She nodded her head yes and kept saying "Pee Pee Mama!"

Sure enough, she had wet her diaper in the 2.5 seconds since I had put it on her. I mean, we're definitely not far along in the potty training process, but I figure we're making a good start. I have read a few things about it, so I know not to pressure her and that rewarding is very important. But I'm always open to tips!
That's really all that's happened today, except for my excitement over UNC winning The Big Dance! Too bad I fell asleep twice during the game because I felt like such crap! I had to set my alarm clock to make sure I would be awake to watch the last few minutes. SAD!

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