Monday, March 23, 2009

My Taste in My Movies

I have a deep, deep love for all cheesy 80's movies, especially if there's a music or dance montage theme, and apparently, Spencer shares this as well. Usually, she will only sit and watch something on TV for no more than 15 minutes, then she gets bored and we have to do something else.

That all changed this weekend when she discovered Grease 2, which I had DVRed awhile back when it was on ABC family. I'm not kidding, she watched the whole movie and when it was over she yelled "Gin Mama, Gin" while clapping her hands! She danced and sang (her own special words) and jumped and was totally engrossed with the entire movie.

I have to say, my heart swelled with love! Grease 2 was my favorite movie in elementary school, even more than the original, which I like, but nothing compared to the so-bad-it's-good sequel. This was her favorite part, when they are at the bowling alley.


Hayley said...


Favorite part: The sex-ed part. "Reproduction" is the best song on that whole movie. My sex-ed lady mother agrees.

And I'm sorry, but Max Caulfield was so pretty, it still hurts my heart to think about it. DRRROOOLLLL.

kbreints said...

oh yeah... you gotta love all those funny 80's movies.... footloose, dirty dancing I can watch all of those over and over!

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