Sunday, March 8, 2009


There was a fire today at my old apartment complex. An entire building went up in flames. I was there when it happened, squaring away a few loose ends.

There were over 10 firetrucks, dozens of policemen, and even more Red Cross volunteers. People were jumping out of their balconies and windows, because the fire had moved up the entire stair well. It was so real, but like something out of a movie. The flames billowing wildly in the air.

I felt like such a voyeur, just watching something I wish I never had to see. The smell of burning is in my hair.

As I was looking at the hollowed out shells of bedrooms and living rooms, something caught my eye as I looked down. Almost right in front of me where hundreds of pictures, all charred around the edges. The owner wasn't there, most of the residents who got caught in the fire had to go to the hospital. Tears immediately sprung to my eyes, as I imagined someone scrambling to protect their photos, their memories, even though a raging fire was encroaching.

I was so glad Spencer wasn't with me. Even though it wasn't my old building, and I was never in any danger- it was so close. It scares me so badly when I think about how fragile this life is.

Tonight, I am grateful.



Hayley said...

Good post. That must've been scary.

We invested in a fire proof safe, where we keep all our photos on external hard drives, along with original prints. It helps with peace of mind. I'd be okay losing possessions, but not memories.

kbreints said...

oh my goodness that is really scary! I would have cried too... so sad to see people having to scramble for their 'things', their memories.... very much like the tornado...

Hayley said...

You know, it took ALL of my self control not to be a smartass. My adult-like behavior is only an outward facade!

Jim's is a local, family-owned place, comparable with Denny's. But better. John is a Jim's addict.

C Maisy said...

I'm sooo sorry you had to see that. You must be sooo frightened :(
I'm sitting here in tears just imagining losing everything in just moments!

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