Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday at the Park

Yesterday we went to the park with the PGP's and the dog, Avery. It was such a beautiful day! Spencer had a great time, until we had to leave, and then she pitched the mother of all hissy fits. So that part wasn't great, but what kid really wants to leave the park?

The scary thing is that I can remember doing the exact same thing when it was time to go home!

I tried to get her to put her face in that star hole, but she adamantly refused!

When she first got on the swing she really scared, which is weird considering we swing ALL the time. But then she was fine, obviously having a blast.

I think that was her favorite thing to do. Once she started, she just kept rocking faster and faster- I started thinking she might need a helmet, haha!

We went on walk on one of the paths, and I got this picture of her shadow.

At least this one was a bit more secure, no need for a helmet. Her MiMi seemed to think that the other kids would make fun of her if I made her wear one! I'm pretty sure she was right.

This was look before I told her we were leaving. Of course I had to let her to do one more thing, but was not pleased that her field day had ended.

After the park we went to a Superbowl party at Sara's house. I really didn't care who one, none of my teams were playing in it, but I really started rooting for the Cardinals, and it was a really sad ending. I felt so badly for Kurt Warner.

Did ya'll do anything fun for the Superbowl? Fun seems to be a relative term now that I'm a parent, so did you do anything actually fun?


C Maisy said...

Wow...she is something special!! You do know that you are not the only one that thinks she is GORGEOUS!!!
I loved the pic of her with her mouth on the playground equipment. Because of that she will never miss a day of school.
That little girl is lucky to have a mommy as sweet as you!

Hayley said...

With her eyes and hair, she is going to be a knockout. You'll have to beat the boys off of her with a baseball bat.

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