Friday, February 6, 2009

Leave Mikey Alone!

This will be a short rant, I promise, and I might receive some flack for this, but I really don't care: Give it a rest people!!! (triple exclamation point)

So he smoked some pot- it's not the end of the world. Look at Hugh Grant, with Devine Brown, Alec Baldwin calling his daughter a fat useless pig, or David Duchovny and Michael Douglas going to rehab for sex addictions. None of them were put through the ringer like Michael Phelps and I would take pot smoking over sex addictions, transvestite hookers, and verbally abusive parents, ANY DAY.

No, that doesn't mean I don't think he was pretty stupid for doing what he did, because I do. But I also recognize that he's a young guy experiencing real freedom for the first time in his life. He's going to make mistakes, like any of us.

In my opinion, the person who should be condemned, is whomever took the picture and sold out my FAVORITE Olympian, with the Adonis-like body. Why is no one talking about that? Who does that? I think Michael Phelps is a good guy who admitted his mistake when he really didn't have to.

I hope this doesn't spark any controversy, my internet friends, as you all should agree with me! haha.

(I was just joking about everyone having to agree with me)


Hayley said...

You know, for the amount of money that photographer made, almost anyone would consider selling out Phelps.

I agree. Pot smoking is not a big deal. There are worse things. But the reason people attack him more is because he's more of a role model to young'uns, whereas Grant and all the other douchebags aren't so noticed by them. But I honestly think there are worse things to worry about. And give him a break- how many freakin' medals did he win? With pressure like that, a guy needs to mellow somehow.

I LOVE his body. Can't stand his horsey face.

C Maisy said...

I agree with Hayley~
There are no exceptions just because who you are. The law is the law.
I will say this though...I still haven't taken him off my favorites on Facebook.

C Maisy said...

Thanks Katie for your honest candid opinion. Very refreshing~

Lilly's Life said...

The reality is that he is an elite sportsman and in his profession drugs are banned. So its just not a matter of him chilling out. He has broken a contract. He is also paid millions to endorse products usually family products. Because of his sport. I am sure those contracts also have certain stipulations in them. He is the product he is marketing and it is way more complex than it looks. He is not a regular 23 year old because he is a brand unto himself and with it comes great restrictions. His choice. Of course it will die down but the people you mentioned are not in the same type of set up he is. It would be the same if someone like Lance Armstrong got caught doing the same thing. So I guess those who pay him those millions expect that he will have appeal to the broader masses. He was just a little stupid and will learn.

Patti said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by, and yes, I have to agree, my daughter is pretty darn cute. :) Your daughter is adorable too, isn't being a mommy the best? Anyways, it is nice to meet you! :)

kbreints said...

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has vises... it is to bad his is illigal... but he is just human!

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