Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Weekend in Pictures

That looks says TROUBLE!

Made another loaf of bread, same recipe as before, I just used white flour instead of whole wheat flour. This is obviously the before picture.

The after picture. I know whole wheat bread is better for you, but man, this bread was G-O-O-D!

I bought this mini-apron for Spencer at Target for... drumroll please... $2.00! It's really cute, I can't wait to actually get a picture of her wearing it.

It was a cold and dreary Sunday.

Here's to more freezing cold days ahead, the weather report does not resemble Spring, to put it mildly.


C Maisy said...

Hey Katie~
Great pics. the apron. Be sure to post pics of Spencer in it!!
Thanks for sharing your life with us!

kbreints said...

Love the pictures! I have a serious thing for bread--- bad! It would not be a good idea for me to know how to actually make the tasty stuff!!

MissMeliss said...

that bread looks awesome. is it hard to make?

loved your non-essential must have list, too!! :)

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