Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How I Plan to Stimulate the Economy Through Shopping

I recognize that it might seem a tad ridiculous to be wanting anything in this current economic climate and especially so soon after Christmas, but it never hurts to just look! Plus, someone needs to stimulate the market, right?

I don't actually plan on buying any of these items right now, I'm currently stalking them online, waiting for the prices to drop. So which these items is your favorite? Which one(s) would you buy first?

My kitchen is red, thus I need a red KitchenAid. Haha, okay, NEED may not be the correct word, but I really WANT one. I'm pretty sure that if you buy this one in February, the proceeds go to the American Heart Association, so it would be a win-win situation for everyone- except my bank account. But this is A LOT more likely to become mine one day than the Vita-Mix- see below.

The Vita-Mix. Alas, it's just wishful thinking that I will ever be able to afford it. If you ever watch the commercials for it, you'll want it too!

Anthro lamp

Magnetic Chalk Paint! How cool is that? My plan is to paint Spencer's toy chest with this and then she can put stuff up there and write on it in chalk. I think it will be really great when we are practicing her letters and words. You can see an example of what I'm talking about HERE.

The Audi Q7- A Hybrid SUV. Man oh man do I want this one!! It's not even sold in the US yet, so not only is it fiscally impossible to own it, it's ACTUALLY impossible. I really need a new car, well new to me, as I am without a car of my own due to the uninsured driver who totaled my car last year. My parents have given me their 2002 Ford Explorer, 150,000 miles, to drive for now, but it's on it's last leg of life. The alternator just ate my brand new battery up in just 2 days, 25 miles of driving, so it needs to be replaced AND it's quite possible that it needs a new transmission.

Now that I have Spencer, car safety is the most important thing I'm looking for, then comes gas mileage and exterior design. The Q7, the non-hybrid sold in the US, has consistently been listed as one of the safest cars available. I would really like a hybrid SUV, especially with the constant gas price fluctuations; and of course I'm trying to be environmentally responsible

Do any of you have an recommendations for a safe, hybrid, doesn't break the bank, SUV? It doesn't have to be an SUV, but it does need to be roomy enough to cart all of our stuff, especially things like her stroller, etc.

I really wish they made a hybrid Volvo, that would be the best! I'm sure you all know they're the safest car out there, but just in case you didn't- they are the safest car to drive. A neighbor of ours was in a terrible car accident a few years ago. When the official accident report was released, it said he most certainly would have died had it not been for the Volvo he was driving.

The engine in the Volvo is designed to "drop out" if there is a frontal collision- this way the engine doesn't come through and crush the passenger. The steering wheel also collapses away from the driver as the air bag is deployed to prevent being crushed that way as well! Yes, it's the A-One standard of safe cars, just completely unaffordable.

So that's my current gluttonous list of needs, er, wants, haha. What are you currently wanting to buy? Remember, we must all do our part to put money back into the market- at least that's what I tell myself!


kbreints said...

Since I am not particularly good in the kitchen and try to stay away from the appliances as much as possible....oh yeah... my vote is for the car!!

Hayley said...

I second the vote on the car! Kitchen stuff would only be decorative to me...

Ford makes a hybrid Escape and they're much cuter than they used to be. That's the only one I can think of that's not really expensive off the top of my head. But my favorite is the Lexus 400h.

Sorry about your vehicle- we refer to Explorers in my house as "Exploders."

I've been wanting a Canon 5D, but I'd settle for the new Rebel xsi.

punkiepie said...

Yeah, I would also LOVE the Canon 5D! But my next camera investment is a better lens.

The Lexus hybrid is SO nice, but the day I can afford a Lexus SUV hybrid is the day I can also afford a driver- so probably never :)

I'll check out the Escape, thanks!

C Maisy said...

I have all the kitchen items a girl needs.
I like cars...I look at them as practical not fun.
I lamps. however, I would NEVER spend that much on a lamp.
I think I would splurge on the paint. I would do 1 wall in my son's room. Maybe a few of the front of my kitchen cabinets....ya know to write today's menu, kids chore list...
I vote for the paint. I would not spend much on anything right now. I confess...I am a bit nervous.
My 2009 resolution is to SIMPLIFY adn use what I already have!!!
Ok..i'm sure you weren't expecting to hear all that...sorry :)

Rachel said...

Since I love my Rav4, don't cook and my kids are too old and too young for chalkboards at this point, I'd have to go for the peacock lamps. They're gorgeous!

Micha said...

my vote is the kitchen aid!!! all the way. love mine more than words can say and really, it helps make for the most phenomenal mommy/daughter moments.

of course everything you love is fabulous, and those peacock lamps really are fun!

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