Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caio Italia

After my sophomore year at W&M, I spent my summer studying abroad in Florence, Italy with my best friend from college, Stephie. I just found my negatives from some of the pictures (yes, this was before the digital era) and I'm getting all nostalgic looking at them. I had such an amazing time on that trip, I really don't have any words that could do it justice, so I'll just post a few pictures instead.

You're not allowed to take pictures of The David, but I was able to get this shot before my camera was taken from me.

Vino with lunch in Sienna

Seriously, the smallest shower ever. I didn't even like to shut the door when I was in there, I'd always keep it cracked a little, just in case.

Ciao Italia!

Wine Country

I didn't actually drive this, it was parked on the street and I climbed on- oh, the days of my carefree youth.

The air conditioning on our bus broke down on our way home from Venice during a massive heat wave. It was 101 degrees outside, but inside- it was like being cooked to death in a massive oven!

Gondola Ride in Venice


kbreints said...

Love the last pictures-- and MY GOD your daughter has your eyes!!

C Maisy said...

Great pics.
You are soooo cute. I love your hair. Is that weird for a girl to say that to another girl. I also was a very carefree girl. I wonder whatever happened to her.
Ok...that's it...2009=carefree girl!
Spencer does have your eyes.

Anjolcake said...

Hey does the W&M stand for William and Mary? I am not a stalker I just grew up in that area(Navel Weapons Station) and went to Bruton High school in Williamsburg. I love meeting folks from round the way.

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