Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Nie Smoothie

Taking a page from the Nie Handbook, I decided to make Spencer a fruit smoothie with vanilla soy milk. I used raspberries, apples, 1/2 a lime, flax seed, and the soy milk. It was actually quite delicious, if I do pat myself on the back. The half of lime really gave it some zest and the milk sweetened it up nicely.

I wasn't sure how much fruit to use, and I ended up making way too much. But that just meant I got to have one too!

I know this may seem shocking, but this was the first blended thing I have ever made. Doesn't it look yummy?

I got a little carried away taking pictures of my creation! The flax seed really added to the flavor. It made it bit more hearty and substantial. I think I have found our new healthy breakfast.


C Maisy said...


Mrs. Cropper said...

nice work! Another way I try to health-up Blaine's smoothies is by adding some pureed yams. You can't even taste a difference, but get the benefit of the added fiber. Nice.

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