Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life Questions

You meet a magician. He can do 5 simple tricks--pull a rabbit out of a hat, make a coin disappear, turn an ace to a joker, and two similar others. These are his only tricks, and he cannot learn any more. HOWEVER he is doing these tricks with REAL MAGIC. No illusions, he can actually conjure a bunny, and move a coin through space. He is legitimately magical, but limited in scope.

Is this person more impressive then Albert Einstein?

Yes. Theoretically, everything that Einstein accomplished could be replicated by another genius. Not to take anything away from him, but all he was, was smart. We understand smart and we can study smart. That cannot be said for magic. There are no known ways or tools to be magical, to acquire magical abilities, or to understand it in terms of theoretical physics.

Even if the magician can only do a few random, silly tricks- the fact that it is actually magic means that it is something Einstein, or any other genius, can/couldn’t do. The possibility to learn about real magic and maybe even being able to replicate it- that would be so cool!


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